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Greek/Spartan symbol for strength


I would like to know everything about the Spartan symbol of strength thinking about getting a tattoo of it but would like to get the whole story on it I can't get a image to down load sorry thanks very much for your time on this

Hi Anthony,

thank you for your question. It is actually how we see Spartans today and not how they saw themselves in their times. For Spartans - like Athenians - it was part of daily life and culture to prepare for war. In this sense, there was no special symbol for strength as we see it today from our perspective. We only describe their behaviour in victory, in defeat, in the preparation of their body, the cultivation of their mind etc. in order to establish a view on the notion of mental and physical strength. Such is the quote "with the shield or on it", meaning "come back from war either with your shield or on it". Thus, there are many ways to approach symbols of strength. The shield is, in my opinion, of great importance for defending the state and for making a hero out of it.

There is no particular story for the shield. Shields existed thousands of years before Spartans in Egypt and Mesopotamia. You have to be more precise if you want to know something concrete on shields, e.g. what they were made of, how big or heavy they were etc., but this is not called a story. This is mostly archaeological evidence that helps us reconstruct the past.

Please, let me know what you would like to learn about shields. I'd be glad to help you.
Have a nice day.



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