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Greek/Spartan symbol for strength


I would like to know everything about the Spartan symbol of strength thinking about getting a tattoo of it but would like to get the whole story on it I can't get a image to down load sorry thanks very much for your time on this

Hello Anthony,

I would definitely pick the Spartan shield with the Λ on it, the "L" letter for "Sparta" in Greek (Lacedaemnon). It was of most heroic meaning to return from war either with your shield or dead on it.
There is a famous saying in Doric Greek with this philosophy behind it: ἤ τὰν ἤ ἐπὶ τᾶς (With your shield or on it). So, you might want to combine in the tattoo a shield and this short saying under it.

This is a good example of a Spartan shield.

If you just search for "Spartan shield" in Google you will find several ones.
I hope this helped a bit. Have a nice Sunday.



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