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I was wondering how you properly pronounce pathei mathos or in Ancient Greek spelling πάθει μάθος. I've heard it pronounced pathonta gnonai and I have also heard it pronounced like pat-ie mat-os. I was wondering which or correct or if they are both wrong.

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The ancient Greek  πάθει μάθος, transliterated as “páthei máthos”( literally, “wisdom through suffering”), which is a quotation from Aeschylus, Agamemnon, line 177, is properly pronounced as follows:

-páth / πάθ is pronounced like the noun  “path” in British English, not in American English.
-ei / ει is pronounced like the “ei” in “eight”

-máth / μάθ is pronounced like “math” in British English “mathematics”
-os / ος  is pronounced like the first  “os” in British English “osmosis”.

Please note that I had to specify the correct pronunciation by resorting to the pronunciation of similar syllables in British English words, since for example the vowels “a” and "e"  can be pronounced differently in British English and in American English, and therefore there was no other way of achieving the correct pronunciation.

As for the pronunciations that you mention, I’ sorry, but they both are wrong in Ancient Greek.

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Note that:

-πάθει /páthei (dative singular of the neuter noun páthos / πάθος, 3rd declension)= through/by suffering

-μάθος/máthos (nomiative singular, neuter noun, 3rd declension) = wisdom

In short, Aeschylus says that wisdom comes by/through suffering.  


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