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Greek/strength and honour in ancient greek


Hello and to whom this is addressed to,  im sure you would get this question a million times, for me i found out my real dad is greek at 33 and at a very difficult point in my life, i have been through hell and back and somehow I found the energy and will to get back on my feet myself especially from within, I have always done the best for my 2 beautiful girls so for me strength lies inside and honour is to do right by everyone, be the best person i can be no matter what challenges life throws at you. Im scared of getting this tattooed and it says something completely different or spelt incorrectly so I would like to ask for your help and place each word in capitals with one on each wrist running vertically n, these are 2 words that mean the world to me and would like my daughters to be proud of, could you please help, many thanks Darryl.

Hi Darryl,

sure I can help you out with that. Here are the two words:

Strength: κράτος / ΚΡΑΤΟΣ
Honour: τιμή / ΤΙΜΗ

Good luck with that tattoo and have a nice day.



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