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Hello Lucille,

I love the idea of visiting Grenada for my honeymoon, but I love beaches and culture and my husband-to-be loves loves sport and being active.  Does Grenada cater to both our preferences?

Many thanks

Grenada is indeed perfect for honeymooners. being a relaxed island, not too much hustle and bustle, it lends its self to an past-time known by the locals as "liming" AKA chilling right out!
Beaches for you are in their abundance, Pink Gin, Mourne Rouge, Grenada's famous 2 mile long Grand Anse Beach with golden sands and the bluest ocean one could wish for. Magazine beach is a beautiful beach in the south also. Further east LaSagesse Beach, offering plantation style setting, an inviting ocean and a feeling of peace. Bathway beach up north, is not to be missed. so my suggestions would be check out the beaches with the water sports ( mainly grand anse) that your hubby would like to participate in, you settle down with a book and a pina-colada,whilst he experiences jet skis, banana rides, sea fun adventure motorized dingy tour! You will be on shore to take his photo and capture the memories, as well as returning to your good book and the occasional sip!
( a good read is anything by our local writer Paul Keens-Douglas, and you may enjoy Visions of Grenada to appreciate and be able to take back with you, photos of its beauty, culture and heritage)

Some water based activities that you may enjoy together is a sunset sail from grand anse beach along the west coast, it is very romantic. Also a snorkel tour can be fun, especially to our underwater sculptur park,( being the first created in the world) it really is a work of art.
A day in the country side could take you to Hevellyn House, steeped in history, and you could get involved in the pottery making which is a feature of a visit there, something special to leave with.

Culture is in abundance here, the island is still very authentic and unspoilt. You will love the capital town of st. Georges and all its glorious history, museum, galleries and fortress. Dependant of what time of the year you come August is Carnival time, bursting with colour and action. I am sure Grenada caters to both preferences & trust you will let us know upon your return!. Congratulations and Happy Honeymoon!  


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