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I am booked to travel to Grenada in May. It will be my first visit to the Isle of Spice. We will be there for 2 weeks. In order to better explore the island and see all of it in its raw culture and experience the most. What do you recommend for transportation or getting around.

Hi Darryl,
I am sure you are looking forward to your trip! I believe how you get around is part of your experience. Without doubt hiring a car is the most flexible & cost effective option, there are
several companies out there, I recommend they are professional & competitive. In Grenada we drive on the left hand side of the road.

You could also consider a combination of transportation. i.e. some people like to get a car rental only after they have got a feel for the island and their bearings.  So before you get your car you could have a full island tour with a knowledgeable guide someone like Mandoo Tours to get a great overview of what the island has to offer.\

Another tip (especially for those who usually drive on the right!) you could start your car rental on a weekend when traffic is less & therefore you can get used to the roads more easily.

To have a 'local" experience you should try  the local reggae bus at least one day, these are the private owned 18 seater passenger buses. The many different colorful buses, with just as colorful drivers!  take people on various routes island wide & collectively are "Grenadas public transportation" . The buses are inexpensive, the conductor or a passenger is always willing to assist if you are unsure where you need to get off. You could go on the local bus to the market on a Saturday morning, it will be an experience, but also practical as you wont have to park your car!

Do look out for the yellow train ( track-less) that picks up passengers in St. Georges. It starts at the Grenada museum, through the famous sendell tunnel & passes through the town, ( it brings local people and visitors together, as passers-by will hop on and take a ride, it stops at great vantage points, ( our town is hilly!) you will see historical buildings  up close and be able to admire the age old & beautiful churches. In general you can take in the hustle-bustle of the town, however in a relaxing way.

Lastly Consider a water taxi- from St. Georges (departing from the dock behind the Esplanade mall). A Grenada water taxi is a cool way to get to where you need to be, with the wind blowing through your hair!,  as you can look back at the beauty of the capital through blue waters admiring Grenada from the ocean view point. The water taxis, offer a one way or return service from Georges,  stopping at Grand Anse, magazine Beach and Mourne Rouge beach, all in the Grand Anse Area, where you conveniently get a bus or taxi or pick up your car rental to get back to your accommodation.


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