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A research study has suggested that changes in hours worked over time are due, in part, to changes in tax rates. “If taxes and [government expenditures] are high, that may lead to less work,” said one of the researchers. Supporting this theory, since 2001, workers in the United States have increased their hours worked while tax rates have dropped. What theory or theories of motivation might support such a change?

I cannot speak for every region in the country but here are some reasons why workers are working more hours.

A. Prices are up on commodities such as food, clothing, and especially gasoline.

B. Companies have had to let people go to keep in business so now workers are taking on the responsibilities of those that are no longer with the company giving them more work to do which means they work longer hours to do the extra work.

C. With fewer jobs many families with dual incomes have now become a family with one income causing that working member to work longer hours to cover all the expenses.

One more I might add

D. With the unemployment rate high and those that have lost their jobs taking jobs that pay less than the job they lost they have to work more hours to make the same amount of money at the lower paying job.

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