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I have group health at my job. The bi-weekly payment went from $75, to $240! Under the new laws, can I look for cheaper medical insurance and drop my employer insurance?

You should have received a notice of Marketplace exchanges from your employer and a summary of your insurance. You can take that and go out to the marketplace exchange or other insurance company and check for less expensive insurance. If you can find less expensive insurance on the marketplace exchange for your state , yes, you can drop the employer coverage and buy the less expensive insurance.

The new laws with the affordable care act is penalizing employers to the point that they are struggling to offer insurance at all to their employees. It is only going to get worse as the government expects the workers to pay for insurance for those that do not work.

It is a very bad bill and it will not be good for anyone except those that do not work and get freebees from the government.


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