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We are a new IT company who provide different solution/services to clients. We have set our vision. Could you please check and let us know whether this is correct or not according to the meaning and definition of vision.

Our Vision
We exist to make our customers perform their business more efficiently and effectively by providing innovative technology based solutions.

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ANSWER: Yes this is a business vision as defined by standard definitions.  However a vision is meant to define a company and be used to inspire both employees and customers.  Think Google's "Do No Evil" and Starbuck's "The Third Place".  Your vision is very wide, vanilla, standard and uninspiring.  Try something like "Making technology work for you in a most surprising way" or something similar and preferably shorter.

Get some yellow post it notes and a free wall.  Write down single words that you want to be known for in a brain storming session.  Start mixing them up until you find a phrase that is: catchy, short, inspiring and memorable.  Not easy but well worth it.

Just remember you want your customers to be inspired and remember it.  You want your staff to follow it.

Good luck.

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QUESTION: Thanks for your reply Sir. My understanding is that, today our company is here and where do we want to go in future, that is what is called vision. Vision is something which is futuristic and can be attained in future. But here we are telling a word "exit". Is it OK? I don't see any target in this vision. May be my understanding is wrong. If you please clarify me again.



A company vision is the ideals that the company wants to aspire to, be remembered by and train its staff to achieve.  As I said before, the vision you presented could belong to millions of similar companies.  Try and be outstanding and different.  Try again using the method I suggested.  

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