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Good day
In the event of a natural disaster and food becomes scare, what would would be the top 5 -10 foods and vegetables that one can grow that you would recommend that matches all of the following characteristics:
1. Grows fast
2. Plant or fruit produces seeds that can be used to produce other plants
3. Could sustain someone for several months
4. Can be grown indoors if one does not have outdoor space
5. Requires little or minimal sunlight / care

Dear S. Mahabir,

Anything that grows beneath the surface of the soil is good for the list, but you'd need some depth to the containers.  Beets, potatoes, turnips will all grow with and potatoes of course will grow by planting the eyes from a mature potato and you can go ahead and eat most of the potato while saving the eyes for planting.  The other two require collecting the seeds.  Broccoli, lettuce, spinach, and kale will continue to grow if the root is maintained, not quite as robust as the first cutting, will continue to produce.  Some vining plants such as tomatoes and squash will continue to produce as long as they don't freeze, peppers will also, but if they are indoors, they will require pollination.  I've done that with a clean artist brush or cotton swab.  Radishes are quite prolific and produce pods containing that are also edible when green and when dried, can be planted and produce again.
I hope this gives you some ideas.
I wish you well.
Kind Regards,
KD Liz

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I can answer questions about natural gardening. We refer to our type of gardening as Orthodox organic. We do not use chemicals of any kind for pest control or plant growth. I can offer information regarding the growth of herbs and spices, as well. I can also share some canning and freezing tips for enjoying home grown vegetables year round. Growing vegetables provides healthy benefits for the body and the mind.


We live on what I believe is now termed a hobby farm. We are Messianic missionaries and raise all of our own vegetables, and some fruit. The change in the grocery budget is absolutely amazing.

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