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Good day
In the event of a natural disaster and food becomes scare, what would would be the top 5 -10 foods and vegetables that one can grow that you would recommend that matches all of the following characteristics:
1. Grows fast
2. Plant or fruit produces seeds that can be used to produce other plants
3. Could sustain someone for several months
4. Can be grown indoors if one does not have outdoor space
5. Requires little or minimal sunlight / care

A small veg garden
A small veg garden  
Arugula, there are many varieties
Lettuce , almost any type of lettuce will do it
Sprouts, almost any  type sprouts
Radishes, I would try all the varieties I can find
Garlic ,
Chives, leeks, onions,
Greens such as collard, mustard greens
Peanuts. Take about a month or two, best to grow in background while you grow something else on top.

That should get you started.
If I could grow indoors, under proper light, then I would grow tomatoes as well.

Hope this is enough,if not I can add more!

Andy Lopez
Invisible Gardener

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