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QUESTION: Where can I purchase seeds for giant vegetables, e.g. pumpkin, tomatoes, carrots?

I live in tropical Malaysia, so I may have to source via mail order.


I do not know any specific seed company that sells seeds for growing giant vegetables.  I did a google search on vegetable seeds for giant vegetables and got some info.  Ebay was one source as well as some other sites that were interesting.  I suggest you check these out.

Sorry I could not be of more specific help.  Good luck in your search.

Happy Gardening
Catherine Abbott

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QUESTION: I forgot to ask you yesterday another related question.
My tomato plants seem to grow quite well and in fact fruiting. My concern now is that the leaves look awful. They look as if they are dehydrated but when I inspected them closely they are not. They feel fresh when I touched them but they look wither, shrunk and folded. I could send you some photos but I dont have your e-mail address. Could it be caused by over use of fertilzer? or could it be due excessive sunshine. or could it relay be a disease?

tomatoes in tunnel
tomatoes in tunnel  

cherry tomato
cherry tomato  
Hi Yahaya

What is happening is the leaves are shriveling up, which is perfectly normal as all the plant energy to going to produce the fruit.  You can break off all the lower leaves even if they are still green, this way the fruit will get more energy to produce even more.  Without the lower leaves there is more air circulation around the plant which helps to prevent fungus and disease as well.  

I routinely break all all the lower larger leaves as my plant grows taller.  I have attached a couple pictures for you.

Happy gardening,
Catherine Abbott

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