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last year we tried growing tomatoes and we had grasshoppers eating them and we are starting some now we tried pesticides from Wallmart and ace and they didn't work i hope you would have any ideas

So much to say
So lets get started
Variety makes a dif, try growing heirloom varieties , try a few dif to find the ones that do well for pests etc esp. flavor.
Soil is important, ph should be around 6.8. Add coffee grinds to soil to keep ph at right place.
Use a good organic fertilizer with minerals and bacteria added. I use Luscious Tomatoes which is an excellent organic fertilizer for tomatoes.
grass hoppers and other bugs will only eat your plants if they are weak and not healthy. provide for them plenty of sunlight.. At least 8 hours
Control over head watering, mulch with an acid mulch.

You can spray with garlic and water or try planting garlic at base of plant.
I buy crushed garlic , add to panty hose, squeeze out the garlic juice into a gallon spray  of water.

Coffee also protects your plants.
Make a batch of coffee 1 cup cream and 1 /2 oz molasses.
Spray on leaves.

Milk is a good source of calcium so add 1 cup milk in a gallon water, spray once a week.

Any questions?

Growing Vegetables

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