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QUESTION: Where can I purchase seeds for giant vegetables, e.g. pumpkin, tomatoes, carrots?

I live in tropical Malaysia, so I may have to source via mail order.

ANSWER: I purchase all of my seed from Park.  Attached are several on-line resources from which to buy seed, including the vegetables you've listed.‎

Good luck, and please feel free to write again should you ever need assistance.



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QUESTION: I forgot to ask you yesterday another related question.
My tomato plants seem to grow quite well and in fact fruiting. My concern now is that the leaves look awful. They look as if they are dehydrated but when I inspected them closely they are not. They feel fresh when I touched them but they look wither, shrunk and folded. I could send you some photos but I dont have your e-mail address. Could it be caused by over use of fertilzer? or could it be due excessive sunshine. or could it relay be a disease?

I have to assume that the plants have been in the bed for over a 10 days, so that will rule out sun scald.  The most likely problem is overwatering or excessive nitrogen.

Tomatoes need one inch of water per week; more if the weather is over 90 degrees and dry.  They also should be given a diluted application of a fertilizer high in phosphorus and low in nitrogen. Nitrogen can burn the roots of young plants, so make sure the fertilizer you are using has a ratio of 10-30-20, or something close.  The first number represents the percentage of nitrogen; the second phosphorus; and the third potassium.

By your description of the leaves, I doubt you have a disease. Most tomato diseases will also affect the fruit. If you do suspect that the plant has been infected, you can take a vine to your local nursery for them to inspect.  If the plants are determined to have been affected, you can spray them with a fungicide to control the spreading of the disease.

I hope this information helps. The best of luck to you and your garden.

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