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We planted our fist garden last year and did very well. Tomatoes, peas, and beans.  We stuck with the same plant for this year.

We turned the soil after harvest last year and before the first frost.  We turned the soil and added natural fertilizer planting about 2 weeks before planting.

We have a raised bed appx. 4 x 8 and do not use any chemicals.

Live in NC and it has been very rainy for us.

We planted about Mid May. About 4 days after we planted we had a week of hard rains and pretty rainy weather since.  The tomato plants we pulled a beginning of June they showed signs of disease at the base.

We let that area of the soil rest a few days then planted some fresh tomato plants.

The peas and green bean plants are flourishing in respect to foliage. They are flowering.  but no signs of any actual vegetables.

We planted one tomato plant that already had a few tomatoes started on it and nothing on the other 2 plants.  They don't seem to have grown at all.

We don't know if it is too much acidic rain, if something got into our dirt and it is a total loss, or whet could potentially be the problem.

Any advice/thought of what could be wrong would be greatly appreciated.  Also, if you have any advice on anything we can do to re-plant something to try to have some kind of success this year.  We are beginning to feel like it is a bust.  If it is hopeless, what can we do to be more successful next year?

We are not sure if it is the weather, a disease, or something else we are doing wrong. Our neighbors who planted about 2 weeks before us, there garden seems to be flourishing, however we do know the are using pesticides and other things like miracle gro. We are trying to avoid all that.

Thank you for any help you can offer, your time is so greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Dear Deanna,
This year, my garden is not producing, nearly as rapidly as it usually does, due to the late cold snap.  Most of the foliage is lush and I do plant heirloom.  My green beans are just now coming to a first picking and I usually have ripe tomatoes by the first day of summer.  So, it could be the replanting time loss.  Perhaps some Epsom salts would be helpful.  There are usually directions on the label and I recommend mixing some Diatomaceous Earth in soil of raised beds.
I am strictly organic, so here's what I can offer.  Raised beds aren't my area of expertise, but I do know excess moisture can cause mold in the soil that doesn't have the same method of escape as just flat terrain of the land.  You have not failed, but the late cold and excess rain is the perfect combination for a troubled garden.  As for pesticides, I use only natural, but I really think this is a fungus or mold issue.  It could also be a lack of pollinators for the tomatoes.  I do everything I can to remain "bee friendly" but if your neighbors are using pesticides that can be an issue.

This may sound crazy, but with chemtrails, Monsanto, and highly toxic herbicides and pesticides, I've literally prayed around my property for protection and provision.

I hope this offers some hope and some ideas.  Do not give up!  I'm not a gifted gardener, but I manage enough to eat organic and can for the winter.  You will succeed if you don't give up!

Kind Regards,
KD Liz

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