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What would you suggest on, methods of farming on existing rock and sand type, soil ?  Methods, home / industrial methods, tactics, tips, etc..?  Rocks are preety big underneth the ground, but just pebble type on the surface.

Dear Roy,
I live in the Ozarks, so rocks are my biggest crop!  I don't have the sand issue you do though.  I have two suggestions.  If it's big operation farming, find a crop that does well in sandy soil.  Pumpkins come to mind.  If it's home gardening, many folks prefer raised beds.
I hope this helps.
Kind Regards,
KD Liz

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I can answer questions about natural gardening. We refer to our type of gardening as Orthodox organic. We do not use chemicals of any kind for pest control or plant growth. I can offer information regarding the growth of herbs and spices, as well. I can also share some canning and freezing tips for enjoying home grown vegetables year round. Growing vegetables provides healthy benefits for the body and the mind.


We live on what I believe is now termed a hobby farm. We are Messianic missionaries and raise all of our own vegetables, and some fruit. The change in the grocery budget is absolutely amazing.

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