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Hello Mike,

I discovered 2 tomato plants this spring that I fell in love with. One is an heirloom and the other is a cherry tomato plant.
I don't have alot of space but I have great spots for them in my garden.
My question...I have harvested seeds from each, soaking them in water for 4 days before drying. I have also taken clipping and rooted them from the same plants.
Which is better for next years crop. I am going to guess it would be the seeds. I hope I preserved them correctly. I still have a few good tomatoes from each plant if I need to redo the seed collection. I live in Seattle.
Thank you

William, when propagating plants, only harvest seeds from heirloom plants.  For hybrids, it is best to take a cutting.  The reason for this is that seeds from hybrids never reproduce an exact replica of the parent plant.  For those who are adventurous, this may be desirable.  But for those wishing to recreate  the same qualities as the original plant, heirlooms are the only option when harvesting seed.

I hope this answered your question.  Good luck, and enjoy the weekend.



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