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Use of blood & bone meal to vegetable garden. I have tomato,cucumber, zucchini,beans, beets, carrots,peas & green onion plants
Flowers I have geranium,pansy, for-get-me-not, hibicus

Want is your recommendation for watering of the above

I have a 90 gallon pond you recommend muriate of potash for feed for the water lettuce & water hyacinth


Hi Ron,

I use both blood meal and bone meal in my gardens.  The blood meal is an excellent source of nitrogen and the bone meal is great for phosphorus.  All the veggies you are growing will need both of these nutrients.  I put the blood meal and bone meal on my soil in the spring and lightly till it into the beds.  If you do not till your soil you and spade or hoe it into the ground.  You can also add a small amount into the soil before you do a second crop in the summer or fall.  

As for watering it depends a lot on your soil type and climate.  If it is really hot and the plants are small you may have to water some things every second day or so.  A good rule of thumb is give the plants an inch of water a week.  I recommend drip irrigation if you have a large garden or a hand wand if it is small.  You can also use a sprinkler except on the tomatoes, they do not like their leaves to get wet.  If you have a drip hose or sprinkler set a empty tuna can under it and see how long it takes to fill up, this is how long you will need to water every week.  If you are watering by hand try to water around the base of the plant, your can check the soil with your hand, it should be damp at least 3 inches deep in order to be affective for the plant roots. Usually with hand watering we do not give plants a deep enough soaking, so check the soil.

Unfortunately I do not know much about ponds so cannot give my recommend regarding what to feed your water plants.

I hope this helps, please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.


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