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Hello - I planted Kennebec potatoes in mid-May. None of them have come up. I planted about 5 rows, 6 seed potatoes each row. I also planted the same amount of russet potatoes right next to them at the same time and they are coming up fine and ready to bloom. I have never tried Kennebec potatoes and was hoping to can them as new potatoes. I wonder why they have not come up at all. I al in Westminster, Maryland.



Jean, did you buy tubers from a nursery or garden center or were these potatoes bought at a grocery store? The reason I ask is that grocery potatoes are sprayed with an anti-sprouting chemical. Tubers from a garden center are bred specifically for the garden.

As you probably know, potato tubers do not grow well in heavy soils such as clay. But the fact that the russets sprouted tells me that your soil and ph levels are probably fine.  It has to be the potatoes themselves. If you did purchase them from a garden center, I would explain what happened and get replacement tubers.

Good luck, and enjoy your weekend.


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