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My green pepper plants were transplanted from my garden and potted because they were getting wet feet, they were doing well and hearty but now I'm noticing brown spots on the peppers. Wondering what I can do for them?

The brown spots are related to a disease
could be any variety of disease
The cause is lack of certain type of soil bacteria due to over watering.
You should make sure that the soil is allowed to dry up in between waterings.
You should only be watering  not more then twice a week, any more then that will cause problems.

I am also wondering what the ph is of your soil? Probably too high. Should be around 6.8.
So you may want to have your soil checked for ph levels and maybe even for mineral levels.
Are you using compost?
Probably not.

What potting soil are you using? They are not all the same.
Try using a good organic potting soil instead. Blend with 1/4 compost.
Only water at base. Keep leaves dry.
feed it a good organic fertilizer to avoid high nitrogen.

Hope this helps you.
lt me know

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