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Hi Mike-

In my garden I have 2'X 8'rows (approx. width of my tiller)with walkways between them that is just hard dirt that never gets tilled. I still have weeds that grow up through these dirt paths which I hoe then more weed seeds germinate. I had a large pine tree that died and was cut down and have a large pile of pine needles. Could I use this as "mulch" on my walkways? I know I shouldn't use it right by the plants but how about 6" away where the paths are?


My only concern is the high acidity that will leech into the soil as the needles break down. However, you can counter this by adding lime on the edges closer to the plants. I would also recommend purchasing a pH test kit and periodically test the soil. As long as the pH stays between 6.5 and 7.0, you should be fine.

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