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I'm told too much watering will deplete the soil of nutrients, which will also deter good growth and production. My determinate tomatoes and red peppers are now showing signs of blossom end rot which I've found out is a calcium deficiency. They are planted in large 5 gal containers and are full of fruit which look to be ready in a week or so.

I realize now I should have added some gypsum to the soil earlier in the season but this is my first time growing anything. I bought a product called "Rot-Stop Tomato Blossom End Rot" & sprayed it as directed all over the plants. Unfortunately many of the tomato leaves curled up & turned brown in less than 24 hrs; which I attribute to the spray even though it didn't affect the peppers that way.(but I could be wrong)

I just hate loosing out on all my hard work & what should have been a delicious harvest. Is it too late to add anything to salvage the rest? Is there something I could blend to make a calcium liquid tea so it could get quickly to the roots? Oh and is it ok to eat the good parts of the tomato & pepper by cutting off the bottom where it was affected?

Thank you for your help1

Dear Christine,

I have a couple of ideas to offer.  First, simply find some liquid calcium, even at the pharmacy and pour it on the soil.  I'd recommend 50/50, perhaps even a 1/4 ratio dilution for proper absorption, as liquid calcium tends to be thick.  Coffee grounds and crushed egg shells are also helpful in providing soil nutrients.  The other suggestion is a natural lye soap dilution, into a spray bottle and spray the fruit to impede further rotting.

It is fine to eat the good part of the fruit, even when there is some problem, but don't try to preserve it by canning . . .

I hope this helps and I pray you get to enjoy a harvest.

Kind Regards,
KD Liz

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