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I am an American woman who moved to Guatemala 10 months ago and recently became a Guatemalan citizen (I hold dual nationality). I live in Antigua and want to get into Real Estate here. I speak Spanish & English fluently. How does one become a Real Estate agent in Guatemala? Especially without prior experience?!

Dear Jessi,

In Guatemala until very recently you didn't need anything to be a real estate agent (here called corredor de bienes raices), but the 15th of november  the government published a new license specifically directed to the realtor... For the moment my chamber, the Camara de Corredores de Bienes Raices de Guatemala (CCBRG - of which I'm currently the VP, have voted in an extrordinary assemblee the 17th of december to appeal this license as we found it anticonstitucional on several of its articles. We are not against any license at all we just want it to be  in correspondence of the needs of our profession. I invite you to contact our office through our contact form
We offers training for realtors with different level of education directed at new or already experienced professionals... Also the chamber offers a good platform for networking..
Don't hesitate me if you need more info...


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All questions related to real estate for Guatemala particularly in the area of Lake Atitlan. Invesment for retirment, rental, buildings, regulations,.... I live in Santa Cruz La Laguna, 15 minutes boat ride from Panajachel where I work. I have 2 little daughters (5-7) who go to Life school everyday. So if you need help to relocate or for a short experience in the lake area don't hesitate. Also I'm an official tour guide for the Guatemalan Institut for tourism (INGUAT) and I have an extensive experience of the country.


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