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I am an American who wants to move to Guatemala with my husband (he is a Guatemalan citizen).  I know I can enter and stay in the country for 90 days without a visa, but once I am there I want to get a resident visa. We also want to open a business so I need to be able to work legally. I have read other articles on the internet that says that my "sponsor" and I have to prove our financial liability of at least $1200.00/month. Is this true of married couples as well? Also, is it true that I need to get my birth certificate authentiated at a Guatemalan Consulate and a criminal background check done here in the US before I leave to submit with my visa application? Could you give me all of the info that I need to be able to make this happen?

Thanks :)

HI Kathy,

If you marry a guatemalan it will be easier for you to get residency and you should be able to get permanent residency right away being married.
And with that you won't need a working permit.
Yes to do the residency you need birth certificate legalized by a Guatemalan consulate and a police report from your own town that you will be legalised with the nearest guatemalan consulate.
You don't need a visa to come to Guatemala you enter as a tourist but to do your residency process first you need to get married here. Then make your mariage registered here. Then you can start your residency process and yes at that moment you will need your birth certificate and police report.
PLese check with this notary a person I work with to have more accurate information.
She speaks englis as well.. Miss Lisbeth Aparicio.  or



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