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Good morning,
I am English living in England.
I hope to arrive in Guatemala and in October/november to live and will need to find a small property to. Rent around $300. a month is this possible...I have read your replies and you are obviously very knowledgeable about the Area.... I am 65 yrs well educated and would like to find volunteer work.... Your help and advice would be gratefully appreciated. Sincerely Simon J Bishton.

Hi Simon

Thanks for your question..yes you can find cheap studio for rent..
but it will depends where you want to be located.. for your age I would suggest a city like Antigua, Panajachel or Quetzalteango..
I live in Lake Atitlan , Santa Cruz La Laguna, it is safe and very clean (no pollution only boat access) but for these kinds of places you need to be mobile.. THere is San Marcos La Laguna where you can find small rental as well and you can do voluntering around the area.
Antigua is more pricey unless you choose to live outside the main area but then you are a bit away of the social life..
Quetzaltenango is the 2d big city of Guatemala but still very provincial (only 600,000 inhabitants) and there is a good expat community as well.
I hope it helps for a first contact.. for more information on potential rental contact Aaron at

Guatemala is a great place to live.. beautiful weather, great people, low cost of living


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