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Guinea Pigs/my guinea pig feels like it has a fever


Becci wrote at 2013-05-01 18:32:56

My guinea pig is the same, her little ears are burning hot. We took her to the vet today who diagnosed a lung infection. Get your piggy seen asap!

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mary aherne


Hi if you have DROPPED your piggy and caused an injury do not contact me as I have little patience for carelessness like that and your question will not be answered.Take the piggy to a vet I dont answer questions on BIRTHING OR PREGNANCY so please do not waste my time asking for advice on this. I can however offer advice on how best to treat a guinea pig with illnesses at home as opposed to running up unnecessary vet bills and explain how many of our own medicines will do the job just as well. I can answers questions about piggy behaviour and housing. I look forward to trying to assist you and your piggy :)


I have been an RSPCA guinea pig fosterer and kept my own piggies for about 10 years now.I have fostered some very ill piggies, got them back to health and then they have been sucessfully rehomed :) I have worked closely with my local vets who now understand guinea pig health a lot better and can treat many ailments without anaesthetic.

No formal qualifications just experience

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