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:) wrote at 2013-11-10 20:42:32
you sound like you are doing all right. so long as you have a large cge. also, as another answer stated, get him neutered. it wont mean they wont get along, it will just mean that even if they try to mate (which they shouldn't cause hes neutered) you wont have pups everywhere. also, you mentioned you have a ball for them. I truly hope you don't mean excersise ball. if you do, don't even think of putting them in it. you cold break their feet legs or back!!! happy piggy time

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Hi, I'm Emma, 26 and I live in Norfolk in the UK. I can answer questions on handling, feeding, breeding, behaviour, grooming and general health problems (anything serious, PLEASE take your piggy to your vet, promptness can save their life!) I currently have 5 tribe members of my own and they usually treat me like some kind of slave who brings them veggies and fresh hay every morning :)


I've been raising guinea pigs for almost 14 years. I've done a diploma in animal care and I'm currently doing a degree in animal science and welfare.

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