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Guinea Pigs/help half year old guinea pig has diarrea.


QUESTION: please help my 1/2 year old guinea pig has not eaten and has not drank in one day i also have a older guinea pig and outdoors cat

ANSWER: in the event of not eating the only thing i can recommend is getting him to a vet as soon as possible, as guinea pigs are a grazzing animal they deteriorate very quickly eg today or tommorow. in the mean time try and entice him with leafy greens and carrots.

best of luck

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: he now has diarrea and is eating plz help.

well outisde of sticking to only dried food to soak up the watery stools i dont know what to recommend, ivmec or baytrils are antibiotics you can buy and treat him with for a couple of weeks, those should help but it can be a little risky unless you know exactly to right dosage for him.

in the mean time make sure he is drinking plenty.

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I can answer most questions on breeding rearing and housing, though I would like to stress now that unless someone is wishing to keep all the offspring produced I do not support breeding. I have reasonable experience with illnesses and can offer a few remedies. I have a high level of knowledge on handling, social habits, herding and dietry requirements, as well as being able to deliver a crash course in their natural habitat if people wish to know.


I have owned guinea pigs for several years and was formerly a fosterer for a rescue home and as such have experience with common illnesses, pairing, constructing and managing housing and of course handling (also having just moved I am going to resume a rescue role shortly) and have in the past bred them.

I am a member of the Cavy Club website.

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I do not possess any credentials in this area other than charitable work, but I have worked with what must be hundreds of guinea pigs in the past and as such have learned a lot about the little blighters!

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