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Twix\'s Pouch
Twix's Pouch  
I have a huge issue with my male, 5 year old, american smooth fur guinea pig, Twix right now. For almost a year now I have been seeing that his pooping issue has worsened. Twix cannot push out his poop, which after a Vet checkup, we couldn't find anything wrong. After this week though, me and my parents agree that his colon, for some reason, may just not work. Today I sat Twix down on my lap. I turned him over on his back (which he absolutely hates), and pushed his poop out with my fingers. I was sitting down for almost an hour doing this, getting a large amount a poop already out and there is still more. I have stopped so far because I think hes really afraid... I really don't know what to do anymore. It's like do I take him to an actual guinea pig specialist (which is like 100 bucks) or do I sit here and have to do this everyday? Thing is, I don't have time to. Even if I take him to the vet, is there a way to fix that? My family has barely any money so surgery wouldn't probably happen. I just really don't know what to do... Please help?

honestly there is not much that can be done short of doing it by hand as you did do, older males sometmes just lose the ability to poop properly leading to anal impaction and then death unless it is pressed out of them as you described, even then though they require nutirent supplements to make up for those lost by them not redigesting their poop. in my honest opinion, as horrible as it may sound i would advise to have him put down. it is nearly impossible for him to get the nutirient requirements that he needs short of having a near fulltime carer to twice a day empty him and then force feed the nutrients. all of this will likly just stress the pig out and prolong his suffering.

the only other possible solution is if his testicles have become oversized and so are causing the problem, however the vet would have already advised you remove them if that was the case and from the picture does not look to be the case.

i am sorry that i cannot be of more use but all that i can say is that it is a common condition that many older boars develop and that if you were to put him down it would probably be the kindest thing.

hope this has helped somewhat

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