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What temperature is to cold for a long haired guinea pig?

around the same as a normal pig, perhaps slightly more because of better insulation, as a rule a guinea pig can survive any temperature providing they are well sheltered and have plenty of hay in their beds to snuggle in. pigs tend to suffer more from heat rather than cold. as for an exact temperature im not sure, though it will be comparible to us in a jumper and jeans i would imagine.

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Sam Amison


I can answer most questions on breeding rearing and housing, though I would like to stress now that unless someone is wishing to keep all the offspring produced I do not support breeding. I have reasonable experience with illnesses and can offer a few remedies. I have a high level of knowledge on handling, social habits, herding and dietry requirements, as well as being able to deliver a crash course in their natural habitat if people wish to know.


I have owned guinea pigs for several years and was formerly a fosterer for a rescue home and as such have experience with common illnesses, pairing, constructing and managing housing and of course handling (also having just moved I am going to resume a rescue role shortly) and have in the past bred them.

I am a member of the Cavy Club website.

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I do not possess any credentials in this area other than charitable work, but I have worked with what must be hundreds of guinea pigs in the past and as such have learned a lot about the little blighters!

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