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l have been a dog owner for more than 10 years now but l am new to guinea pigs. l currently have 2 living in one cage. They are almost 3 months old amd they have been living together for a while.

When l first got them last week, l have felt some "bumps" on one of them. l thought it was normal. The other one had a super smooth skin though. Since they are 2 different breeds, l though the bumps were specific to that breed,

Today l have seen some hair loss along with the bumps. l have taken a picture. Could you please let me know what the problem is? ls it fungus?

Thanks a lot in advance.

my best guess with that is mange, a common and perfectly treatable problem, all you need do is go to your local petsop and buy some shampoo and or spray and use as the bottle recommends. after a few weeks the irritation should be gone and the hair should start to regrow.

this problem will however not go on its own, so if you cannot find any mange spray locally then i would recommend ordering some either through or else thorugh your local vet

all the best

ps. sorry if this has taken a while to get to you i thought i had sent it days ago.

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