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Hello Sam! I have a silly question about my peruvian guinea pig's body shape. She has a very odd shape to her and I was wondering if it is normal or not. I would categorize her as a "pear shape" where she goes out at the hips, she has two round mass-type like shapes before each of her back feet. I'm not sure if this is something to be alarmed about since she has always had this shape or if this is just the breed?

females tend to have a slight pear shape, this is heightened when pregnant,which depending when you got her is a possibility.

aside from that the long fur of your breed could create that look as i know sometimes their back end fur grows thicker and bushier.

so my answer is, if she has babies then its not her normal shape, if she doesnt then its her natural shape and dont worry, if it does bother you then i wild get a pair of scissors and cut the hair back  

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