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Hi, I am a previous guinea pig breeder and now working on a project of guinea pigs and I was wondering what are the different shades of Agouti guinea pigs
thanks so much,

Hello Andrea,

Golden Agouti- Red w/ black tips
Silver Agouti- Black w/ white tips
Dilute Agouti- any other pairing

Dilute Agouti is often seperated further, but for showing they are just called Dilute. The colors are as follows:

Lemon Agouti- Black w/ cream tips
Cinnamon Agouti- Chocolate w/ red tips
Platinum Agouti- Chocolate w/ white tips
Boston Creme Agouti- Chocolate w/ cream tips
Salmon Agouti- Lilac w/ orange tips
Frosted Lilac Agouti- Lilac w/ white tips
Opal Agouti- Lilac w/ cream tips
Copper Agouti- Beige w/ orange tips
Frosted Beige Agouti- Beige w/ white tips
Bronze Agouti- Beige w/ cream tips

Hope this has helped! Good luck with your project!


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