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Richard wrote at 2013-01-28 16:28:24
Hello, ----- My guinea pig Jack had the same problem. I took him to the vet and received an antibiotic for his nasal congestion and gave it to him for 2 weeks. Within 2 weeks of finishing the antibiotic he started the congestion noise again. So what I do now for him is I cover his cage at night with a towel to keep him from any drafts he may be getting, then I open a bottle of Vicks vaporub and set it beside his cage (outside the cage)only at night. Propping the towel out on the side with the Vicks bottle so the vapors rise and enter the cage. This seems to help him a lot, his congestion clears much faster and he is much less bothered by it. It will not cure him of the problem. I believe they are much like a human with alergies.You just live with it and do the best you can. I know Jack is much happier now and suffers much less. It also helps to keep them out of drafts.

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