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Guinea Pigs/guinea pigs and rabbits together


GreenParrot wrote at 2014-07-22 04:38:06
Boratadella is an infectious disease called "kennel cough" in dogs and can be FATAL to GPs. Most rabbits carry it even if they don't show signs of illness. Also a scared rabbit can injure or kill a GP by kicking out. Rabbits are MANY times stronger. It used to be ok to house them together but new research /experiences prove the contrary. Besides all animals are indaviduals and they may not even get along not to mention territorial issues. I am speaking from experience and a friend of mine is a GP breader, I would do some reasearch. Personally I would never house them together.

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I can answer anything from, The care and keeping of guinea pigs, questions on what foods they can and cannot eat, any question pertaining to actions or behaviors, and I can always do my best to help with small emergency questions. I can promise If I do not know the answer I can truthfully find the best answer to your problem. I am an owner of Guinea pigs for over 13 years and I can try to answer anything you throw at me.


I am a caretaker of 2 guinea pigs at the moment and I absolutley love them and they are a joy to keep. I have had GP's for over 13 years of my life, and I always will have them!

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