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Curious wrote at 2014-06-20 05:50:32
Where did you get your information from as to the life span of a guinea pig?

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I `specialise` in almost all areas of guinea pig care - rescues, diet, behaviour, social, housing, bedding, grooming, handling, exercise and basic medical knowledge. The main area I would not consider myself to be fully knowledgable on is breeding, pregnancy and birth. I can answer the basics but would prefer you ask someone else on these topics.


Over 3 years experience of guinea pig care (I have 4 cavies of my own), I am a member of over 15 guinea pig forums, I run my own websites and forum, provide rescues with leaflets on guinea pig care, and I am also writing a book on guinea pig care.

I run my own websites - Cavy-Care.Com is my main information site.

I am a member of 15 guinea pig forums and run my own forum, The Cavy Care Forum:

I am also a supporter of guinea pig rescues, working closely with one rescue in particular.

I sell Cavy care Leaflets - leaflets detailing the basic care of guinea pigs, and provide guinea pig rescues with them.

I am writing a book on guinea pig care which I hope to get published in the near future.

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