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guitarmaster wrote at 2015-01-25 00:06:13
Maple neck

Mahogany body

Ebony fretboard

Vol vol tone

Pickups: said to be "les paul reissue", could be 490r 498t set

Gibson headstock logo silkscreened, "i" dot linked to G

Sells well at 600/700 $


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I'm the BS-artist's dream. I'm self-taught, and my technical understanding of musical theory is limited. However in many cases if I hear it and my A.D.D. isn't in overdrive I can figure it out. I relate more to classic artists like Angus Young, Keith Richards & Tony Iommi, but have figured out some of the tricks of the trade used by more modern players as well. I know anything you'd ever want to know about Gibson SG's & Flying V's, and am one of the few cats you'll find here in South Carolina who doesn't worship all things "Skynyrd". Always willing to go out of my way to help budding young players, and most of my students have been disenfranchised youth and females...being kind of the aging punk-rock/hard-rock guru I've taken many folks under my wing who might not have otherwise had the confidence. It's a pleasure to see someone succeed with things I've passed on to them. So try me, I might be able to help! I'm NOT one who knows a ton about vintage guitar values, dating or specs unless it's a Gibson SG, so if you have questions regarding other models of guitars you might want to ask someone else.


I've played bass, guitar, drums, lap steel & tinkered with several other instruments for over a decade. I've unfortunately not found my 'way' yet and remain a semi-pro, but have had enough experience to write a book.

School of Rock, baby!

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I currently provide rock guitar lessons to students ranging from 7 years of age to 24 years, and am the de facto gear tech for my band and some other musicians when they let their equipment go. Want a no-nonsense, everyman's answer to help you along? I'll do my best!

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