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Hi . I'm a beginner at music theory and guitar and have gone through the circle of fifths, triad formation, scales, and keys.

I recently became interested in writing a song, the chords for which I used were E,C,C,G, and repeat.  The problem is that although it sounds fine, I can't find any evidence in theory that these chords go together.  Ie what key fits all these chords? None to my knowledge.

Please let me know how can I go about harmonizing this progression if it is infact it is a valid one.  I would know the notes to use if I knew the keys. Is there any other strategy I can employ to harmonize it?

Hi, Sunny--

Of course the C and G are not a problem. The chord in question is the E Major chord. Here is how they relate:

The E chord is the 5th of Am. Am is the relative minor of C Major. If you were to change the 2nd chord from C to Am, then the progression would make perfect sense. the 1st two chords would be in Am and the second two in C Major. To harmonize, use the A Harmonic Minor scale for the first two chords and the C Major or C Natural Minor for the second two.

The only problem is going back from G to E Major. To make a smoother transition, you might want to go from G to Em, then simply change the mode to E Major.

You can find more information about chord progressions at:

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