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Hello. I bought a new Les Paul 100. Its never sounded right. I put new elixir strings and had intenation set. I screwed the stop tail piece all the way down to the body and helped some. It seems like you just if you press just a little harder the chord goes out of tune. Do I need to adjust bridge height?

Hi Joseph!

 Is your guitar "setup"? When I pay someone to do a setup on my guitar (only because I want it done right the first time), they change the strings, set the truss rod, adjust pickup height, and adjust bridge height. Depending on how YOU feel about how high the action is merely a preference on your style of music.   I'm not sure that adjusting the bridge height will completely fix your problem, since I'm not there to hear what's going on. I would walk into a guitar shop and ask if they can help.

Here are some things they'll probably check: (mentioned above)

1. Truss Rod
2. String height
3. Pickup height

They will be more than happy to do this (perhaps at no cost). Good luck!


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