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Hello Roy

I am an moderate level guitar player. I want to put an electronic pickup on my custom solid top classical guitar. I have selected these two models of pickup, one is piezo & other is microphone type. Which is better in case of sound output & projection.?? kindly help me.

Thanking you in anticipation.

This is not my area of expertise & I am not a classical player.

I would register on some of the classical guitar forums & ask the players for their preferences.
Also it depends on what you want it for, as you don't mention that - recording or live performance ? I would say for recording go for a microphone not a pickup (only my opinion), but for live performance it would be down to sound & your own taste.

In my experience some of the pickups & transducers that are installed on acoustic guitars are not what they are cracked up to be, & getting a good sound from an acoustic guitar will always remain difficult.
I own a Takamine EN40c, its a mid range acoustic, but in my view the onboard equaliser/pre amp could be better for the money paid for the guitar (750 GBP = $1,215 USD purchased in 1998), you get a totally different sound when the guitar is plugged in & adjusting the equaliser does not come close to the true acoustic sound.
Basically the guitar sounds absolutely fantastic with lovely tones, but plugged in; all that is lost, so I would recommend doing a great deal of research & talk to as many classical players as you can to come to your conclusion.

I hope this helps in some way to get you what you want, I am sorry that I could not advise you further.


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