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Where does Peavey rank in comparison to other guitar manufacturers as far as quality and price are concerned?


This is actually a hard one to answer, as it's such a subjective thing.

Normally I don't do equipment assessments, bt I'll take a minute here to give you some general advice.

Peavey (so far as guitars are concerned) aren't perceived as being in the top league alongside the likes of Fender, Gibson and PRS, et al.

That reflects in the price. That said, they are a solid brand.

As I say to anyone looking at a guitar...if it looks, right, feels right and sounds right, then it's the right guitar for you.

I assume that you're asking this because you're looking to buy, and a Peavey has caught your attention.

Don't be deceived by the price="right-ness" thing.....I own a few guitars and amongst them is a custom guitar that was built to my specification and is worth a ton of money...another is a hacked-about-with Squire which I'd probably struggle to give away on the second-hand market....but if my house was burning down, I'd probably take the Squire junker with me because that's the guitar in my collection that speaks to me the most, and that I connect with the most.

Try the Peavey guitar out.

If the price is right and, when you play it, the guitar feels right for you, the it's the right choice. It oculd be the start of a long and fruitful relationship.

Good luck in your guitar quest.


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