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uncle duke wrote at 2013-05-05 16:31:19
Try this- you can go the laminated back/sides route or the solid back/sides way but here are a few things you need to do first before buying. Check to see if the bass side of the fretboard is even remotely tapered. For playabilities sake check the height of the 2 E strings on the 12th fret. The thicker E should be at 5/32 high and the thin E string should be 3.2 mm high. Next, check the scale length. Using a yard stick with the ends taped for protection, and has millimeters marked on it, measure from the fretboard side of the nut to the 12th fret. Take that mm measurement and times that number times 2 and add 1.5mm. The strings should be breaking at an angle on the bridge saddle at that measurement. If it's not close, intonation will suffer along with some playablity.  If all measurements are spot on or reasonably close, a purchase should be alright used or new. If the strings are set higher AND the yardstick mm measurement is more than 1.75mm short then walk away unless it's a solid wood body constructed guitar. If the price is a few hundred dollars (used) or so you can change things to make it a $800.00 or better instrument and never have to buy another assuming it's solid wood. If it's a laminated bodied guitar try not to pay over $80.00 for one that has bad measurements/tolerances and don't pay over $250.00 for one that has good measurements/tolerances. The good ones are out there it just takes some luck to find them.

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