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uncle duke wrote at 2013-11-20 15:52:32
Hey bud, that's not tabulature. That's a diagram/graph of a 6 string guitar fretboard. The line on the right is the 1st string E and the line on the left is the 6th string E. The "7" that is there is to show which fret position to start at. The thing to do next is to turn the diagram/graph presented here counter clockwise 90 degrees. The line on the left will be on the bottom and the line on the right will be on top now. Now the lowest left dot will be the root note of the E blues scale on the 5th string just as Frank was saying. Memorize the pattern there. It can be used with any key. That means anything written/played in the keys A thru G. So, for example, if you use the pattern you sent here, you could move it up to the 12th position {fret} on the 5th or 6th strings and have the pattern for a higher octave A blues scale {5th string} or an E blues scale {6th string}. Or you could move the pattern down to the 3rd fret on the 6th string. Then you would have the pattern for the G blues scale. Books that you could get to make these patterns sound like music would be Guns n Roses "just the riffs". There are countless examples of Slash using the blues scale. Another on would be anything Angus Young did in the 70's. If you need to know how to bend notes while playing the blues scales, none would be any better than studying guitar music by Eric Clapton. If you wanted to hear a good rendition of everything I just typed here, Red House played by Satriani, Johnson and Vai on an old G3 tour would be a place to start. It won't get any better than Joe if you're serious.

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