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May I know how to change a chords without using a capo. Let say I'm playing C major with capo on 3th fret, but can I play it without capo but with same chords and sound produced? Any easy ways to memorize? Besides, what does it mean by a song with key G, how do we know what any others chords in this keys? Any easy ways to memorize as well.

Ok, I will be honest with you from the start, I have been playing guitar in semi pro bands for 37 years. I am self taught never had lessons or learned music theory, I play by ear, that is I listen to what is to be learnt then work out what I need to play, most of the musicains I work with work this way.

With that said, I do have some knowledge & will try to help you.

I assume by playing C with a capo at the 3rd, you mean a C shape - because at the 3rd fret you will be in Eb playing a C shape, you can play the basic chord shapes without a capo, by barring the 3rd fret with your index finger & fretting the rest of the chord with the remaining 3 fingers, you may find this a struggle at first but it can be done, so persevere with it. You can apply this to all frets on the guitar, but it will be more difficult at the lower end of the fretboard, ie first fret for instance, as you will need to stretch to get the chords.
The easiest way to memorise playing this way is to merely remember the chord shapes on any given fret,that works for me.

You also need to look at the different variations or position of chords, look at this link - this explains the variations of E, look at image 3 ( E starting at 4th fret with index finger covering top 3 strings ) if you apply this to Eb, you will be at the C shape chord at the 3rd fret you mention ( without the capo ), remember in Eb you will not be striking the bottom E string.

If a song is in the key of G major, it will contain many chords all relative to the scale of G major, here are two links that explain it better than I can, I would suggest using google & youtube, there are some very good lessons etc.

This is a little out of my remit, but I hope it helps.

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