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I recently aquired a Lark guitar. Inside it says shanghai china. It is a minature acoustic with one broken string. I have been aske if it has a model number but I can't see one anywhere and if this an old guitar I want it to go to someone who can properly restore it and do u know of any websites who buy this kind of thing? Thank you

Hi Ellie,
There is not much info around about "Lark" guitars, there have been a few electric versions sold on ebay over the last few years, mainly guitars from the 70's, these did not sell for lots of money.
"Lark" was probably a brand name for one of the big Japanese companies,they made cheap copies of popular guitars of the time back in the 70's, farming out the work to various factories in Korea, China etc, so it did not cost them much to produce the guitars. There were alot of these companies around at the time, all trying to copy popular guitars like the Fender Stratocaster & the Gibson Les Paul as cheaply as possible.

I do not think it is worth spending any money on restoration & I do not think anyone will want to do that, as the guitar itself will not be worth much, there are certain people that collect these guitars, but there are more that collect the electric versions & even then they do not attract high prices.

I am not 100% certain, but would hazard a guess that your guitar is a cheap copy of something else, over the years there have been no notable guitars to come out of China, they are renowned for making cheap guitars & today there are many fakes on the market that come from China.

Some japanese made guitars were very good & very well made, like "Tokai" & "Yamaha" for instance, these guitars usually have a serial number & model number somewhere, so if there is no model number or serial, you can assume that the guitar is cheaply made & not worth a lot.

Just because something is old, it doesn't necessarily mean it is valuable.

I hope this helps ?


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