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How do you write a proper song that doesn't sound bad?

Hi Tjay!

Your question is kind of vague, but I'll give it a whirl. When you sit down and write a song, first thing you need to do is pick a key. If you already have a key picked out, there is a simple formula for which chords will go with a key. They are:

Major key: (We'll say D Major)

I Major (D Major)
II minor (E minor)
III minor F# minor)
IV Major (G Major)
V Major  (A Major)
VI minor (B minor)
VII diminshed (C# diminished)

Minor key: (Again I'll go with D)

I minor (D minor)
II diminished (E diminished)
III Major (F Major)
IV minor (G minor)
V minor (A minor)
VI Major (Bb Major)
VII minor (C Major)

I didn't put uppercase or lowercase numerals because I wasn't sure how far along on your theory you are. But if you use these general rules for making a chord progression, you can't go wrong. They won't sound bad at all, that is. Let me know if this helps!


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