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What is the best way to maximize chord sound quality?


Thanks for your question.

There are lots of ways of playing the same chord - different inversions, different locations on the neck, and so on.  If you don't have one already, look for a chord dictionary or similar sort of reference book which will show you some examples....or if you know the notes contained within the chord you could always look to find alternative fingerings for yourself.

Also think about the chord type you're playing....for example, if you're in the key of C major, you could play a C major chord (C,E,G), but a C major 7 chord (C,E,G,B) could also be used, and that chord type has its own distinctive sound...or try a sus 2 or sus 4 chord (C,D,G or C,F,G).  There are lots of options, and it'd be helpful to understand a bit about the music theory behind chord construction for this.

I've posted some music theory video tutorials on YouTube which might help you with this.  Take a look at where there are a few videos covering chords.


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