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Boyfriend just purchased a Huhner Acoustic guitar Model# HW-300G/TBK. Serial # 98019580. Would like to know the year and price range for this model. Thanks in advance Brandi

Hello Brandi!

 This guitar seems to be sold at around $150 on eBay, granted it's not for the exact model but very similar. This is also granted it's in moderately used condition. I cannot in good faith give you an exact price without a thorough examination with it in hand. I can, however, give you a few options to learn more about this item:

 If you would really like to learn more about its price, I would take this in to a local guitar store and have them look up the information in the Blue Book of guitars. They usually have one on hand, and will be able to give you a better break down of why it is worth so much money.

 You can also look up the guitar itself on their website, I believe it's It may even give you year, but will also give you the price of about what it may be worth.

 Lastly, the book MAY (due to availability) available in your local library.

The year your guitar was made has thus far been less than helpful with searching. I would try contacting them personally and seeing if they can help you further tell you when it was made. From what I've seen, Hohner does not carry a time specific date within their serial numbers so your answer may just be an estimate of when and even where it was made. Good luck!


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