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Hi, I'm a new guitar player and haven taken a huge interest in in flamenco. How many different styles ogivef Spanish guitar are there? If there are too many to mention (since I'm unsure), perhaps you could just give the most popular and distinction from one another. Thanks.

"A guitar recital may include a variety of works, e.g. works written originally for the lute or vihuela by composers such as..." "Luis de Narváez (b. Spain c. 1500)..." "or even Spanish-flavored music written for the piano by Isaac Albéniz (b. Spain 1860) and Enrique Granados (b. Spain 1867)." "Of music written originally for guitar, the earliest important composers are from the classical period and include Fernando Sor (b. Spain 1778)..." "Francisco Tárrega (b. Spain 1852)... sometimes incorporated stylized aspects of flamenco's Moorish influences into his romantic miniatures." "Albéniz and Granados were central to this movement." "Andrés Segovia commissioned works from Spanish composers such as Federico Moreno Torroba and Joaquín Rodrigo." Source: Wikipedia

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