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uncle duke wrote at 2013-06-07 01:24:46
Yes, just wrap the thumb around the e string and thumb the f#. There won't be any reason to keep playing it for more than a few seconds though so move on to something else. The way I see it you could play any bass note to any chord as long as the bass note is in the major scale of the root note of the chord. A few will sound o.k. but most will sound bad. The way you make them sound better is to start eliminating notes in the chord. Instead of 6 string chords just make them 3 or 4 string/note chords always keeping in mind what the root note is of the chord you are trying to play. Get the tablature for Plush (STP) and try moving those chords around some. Your next chord after the D/F# can be a C/G. Use the pinky for the g note. Those lower notes just reinforce the lower end some but make sure your lead player doesn't mind you using them.

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